The Process

Before applying for membership and receiving the Green Society Certification, there are some requirements that must be met and a process that must be performed. Although the requirements and process are fairly mainstreamed and easy to complete, we feel that you must know some key items before applying for certification and membership. After applying for membership your product will be analyzed and specific action will take place to ensure that your products, services and, most importantly, your company upholds green and sustainable standards. In addition to that, we make sure that each company we reward the Green Society Certification is attempting to make a positive social change towards the Green movement.

The process to get started is easy and we do our best to keep it stress-free. Our goal is to certify as many companies with Green Society Certification as possible that truly deserves it.  In order to begin you must click the “become a member today” link or Click Here to be taken to the registration page. From the registration page you will need to choose the Green Society Membership and enter in your information for your first years membership.

After you register as a Green Society member we will be in touch with you to certify your product, service and business. Their will be an application the is primarily a detailed report of your Green practices and Sustainable standards. After we receive your application we will review it carefully to make sure it meets our guidelines and requirements in becoming a Green Society Certified company. We will then contact you with our decision or any questions, concerns or comments we may have about your company, products or services.

If your company truly practices green standards then more than likely you will be certified. We have prepared a process for our members to keep the companies that are attempting to “piggy-back” the sustainable movement away and reward the companies that are truly trying to make a social change in our world.



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