The Benefits

Having your business certified by the Green Society is much more than being able to display the seal or certification on your businesses wall and products. It means that your business is ethical, fair and is making an attempt to make a positive social change in the world. Green Society Certification shows your company is being proactive in the fight against chemically created products and services that do more harm than good. In general, there are many benefits our member find that they receive from a Certification from the Green Society. Some of the benefits included are:

Products Sold On Our Online ShopMany of our members find they have increased sales of their products and services; this is for many reasons. One in particular is because their products are sold on our online shop. This will not only help receive exposure to your target market but will also drive sales for your company.

Positive Recognition as a Green CompanyAs we enter a new age of sustainability and a society that thinks green before purchasing a product; your company must have some kind of prior certification that it indeed has sustainable and green products and services. This will help your company receive an enhanced reputation and positive recognition from potential buyers.

Increase Customer LoyaltyYour customers are the blood source of your company, so don’t you want to make sure that they stay loyal to your brand and products? With a Green Society Certification it will build trust and keep your customers loyal to your products. This in return will bring in more sales and will help organic promotion such as word-of-mouth from you customers.

ProofMany companies can say their products are green and sustainable but without the proof of certification it is nothing but words. With a Green Society Certification seal on your products, it shows that they have been tested and evaluated to meet specific sustainable standards.



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