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ALL MIGHTY GREEN, “AMG”, is an Environmental Remediation Product that cleans and degreases a multitude of issues. AMG is non-toxic, biodegradable and hypoallergenic. The cleaning action of AMG can be compared to the reaction of the atom in an atomic explosion. There are ceaseless amounts of random atomic actions occurring in the compound movement, as well as oils, fats, fuels & soils, etc., after AMG has penetrated.

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Product Description

ALL MIGHTY GREEN overcomes a variety of cleaning challenges. It is also gentle enough to be used around Plants, Animals and People. AMG is used in hospitals, prisons, schools, health clubs, and other high-use public facilities.

ALL MIGHTY GREEN is designed to perform like no other developed cleaner. It simply penetrates the offending substance by removing, dissolving or eradicating it. AMG is enhanced by water. It stirs things up with even the most microscopic amount of moisture. Due to its unique formulation, ALL MIGHTY GREEN works equally well in fresh or salt water. Some of the many benefits offered by our product are: • Biodegradable • Hypoallergenic • Non-toxic • Does not emit gases • Ecological • Eliminates odors • Completely soluble in fresh or salt water • Not necessary to use protective gear • Safe for People, Plants and Animals.

ALL MIGHTY GREEN is the most revolutionary and effective cleaner and degreaser. It is non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally safe. AMG is a super-active concentrate, which is a homogeneous mixture of colloids, surfactants and hyper-adhesives. It is a proprietary formula.

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