Certification Standards

The Green Society Certification Standards were created to have a common overall agreement among organizations, individuals and communities on placing Green practices and Sustainable standards among the workplace and within product development. At the Green Society we take a deep approach to our green practices and look closely into every business we partner with to make sure the have evidence that they are demonstrating and committing to an ongoing progress of sustainability.

There are several areas that the standards cover, which all involve making a positive social change in the world towards sustainability and green practices. Our certified companies must be working towards improving their personal standards in these core areas:

Beneficial Towards Their Local CommunityIn order to be considered for Green Society Certification, your company must be a great local employer, contribute to local green projects, source locally whenever possible and give back to their community. Being a Green Society member not only means you are sustainable but also means that you care for your local community and do your best to help it thrive for future generations.

Recycle, Restore and Protect the Environment All of our members have a deep concern for the environment and do whatever they can to make sure it is protected. This can be done through having a recycling program at the workplace, conserving and restore local parks in the community, or having involvement in protecting their local green spaces. This area also includes the way a company sources, manufactures and runs their operations and facilities.

Well-Being, Employee Health and Living LifeOur certified Green Society businesses all must abide to encourage their employees to have a healthy lifestyle. This can be through a employee health program, gym memberships, encouragement and support programs or a number of other ways to encourage their employees in living life to the fullest. This includes encouraging employees to use green products and practice sustainable standards at home.

Following Industry Sustainable StandardsEarning Green Society certification also means that your business is following any sustainable or green standards that have been set in your particular industry. This may include water efficiency, waste reduction, sustainable building materials and equipment, sustainable food, energy reduction, and chemical and pollution reduction. There are many other standards that have been set in specific industries but the ones listed are typically the common standards set across most industries.

Once your company shows that they meet all standards and will continue to uphold their sustainable ways, they will be rewarded a Green Society Certification. One thins to keep in mind is that the Green Society standards will evolve as new practices and standards become relevant. Your company must be willing to meet the new standards and build those practices into your businesses operations.

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